When thrown as instructed, all our Wicked Boomas are guaranteed to return, but if you're having trouble getting yours to come back here are some useful tips and videos to help you get you throwing like a pro! if you still have the packaging that came with your wicked booma, the back has lots of helpful tips but in case you've lost it, let's start with the most important rule:


boomerangs are always thrown vertically like you'd throw a dart and never like flying disc!


Now that we've got that out of the way, let's have a look in more detail, starting with the wicked indoor booma (these instructions are basically the same for the junior booma!). If you can't watch the video, check out the Jpegs below


Wicked Indoor/junior booma

Wicked OUTDOOR/SONIC/NIGHT booma basic throw & catch

Wicked OUTDOOR/SONIC/NIGHT booma tuning for high flights

Wicked OUTDOOR/SONIC/NIGHT booma tuning for low flights

Wicked OUTDOOR/SONIC/NIGHT booma tuning for longer distance

Wicked OUTDOOR/SONIC/NIGHT booma left handed throwing

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